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This is Rafiq and I represent Valtech. We have the below position with our client.

If you are interested please reply with your updated resume, contact details, hourly rate and availability ASAP. Thanks


 Position: IOF Network Planner

Location: Phillips Blvd, Pomona, CA-91766

Duration: 5 Months

      Type : W2 Contract


Job Description:

IOF NETWORK PLANNER, Network Planner for Digital Equipment, IOF & POP Facilities, Optical Circuit Equipment.

Works on projects and network designs within the IOF transport network, customer high bandwidth orders, and provisioning IOF circuits.

Familiarity with TIRKS, IOF networks, and/or work order/CCR issuance preferred.

Exercises judgment within defined policies to determine appropriate action.

Decision-making and independence is involved but limited.


Thanks & Regards

Sayed Rafiq (RAF)


19111 N Dallas Parkway, Suite 300, Dallas, TX 75287
Direct: 972-590-7353
     Fax: 972-354-3803 |

Date posted
15th May, 2013
Pomona CA 91766 USA