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One of the largest financial services providers in the world is seeking an Financial Crime Compliance Enhanced Due Diligence Professional to assist in the management of anti-money laundering (AML), anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) and sanctions risks associated with prospective customers across Corporate and Investment Bank in the Americas region. 

The ideal candidate will advise compliance management on potential client and/or transaction risk by conducting on demand due diligence research and analysis of information obtained from media and other sources.

Assist in the review of high risk prospective and existing clients, FCC-driven risk escalations, negative media alerts and PATRIOT Act Certification escalations for the CIB client base, and as needed, for business introducers, charitable contributions, etc. 

Compilation of standard due diligence work product and analysis, including review of public records, legal and news sources, for review by internal business, legal and compliance management.

Assist as needed, in execution of projects and initiatives related to the Financial Crime Compliance program, e.g., policies and procedures, risk assessments, etc.

• 4-year undergraduate degree 
• Minimum of two (2) years experience in a compliance role focusing on Anti-money laundering and Sanctions or enhanced due diligence function, with knowledge of basic USA PATRIOT Act requirements. 

• Strong interpersonal and communication skills 
• Knowledge of applying business and legal source knowledge to due diligence financial crime research and analysis projects 

To apply please submit your resume to:
Jack Kelly

Date posted
18th Apr, 2013
New York New York United States